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We all increasingly want to know where our food comes from! Well this trail which goes from North to South connects you with the people and places where it all really happens. 

Meet the producers who grow, rear and make these tantalising treats. It’s a real taste of Clutha where you get to eat local and meet the characters who made it. Cheers!

You will also find Honesty Stalls popping up throughout Clutha so keep a look out for fantastic fresh food!

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McKerchar Lamb

The McKerchar family have farmed sheep for 150 years so know a thing or two about how to rear the best lamb. It is quite literally from paddock to plate and you can buy straight from the farm gate or order online. David is also the new owner of the Thai restaurant in Balclutha where you can also eat their fantastic meat. It really does just melt in your mouth! You can buy direct from farm and play with orphaned lambs.

Blue Mountain Butchery

They make splendid salamis, beautiful bacon without the water, perfect pastrami and sensational sausages. It’s a labour of love for Vaughn the owner and of course they make everything on site with the best local lamb, pork and beef. If you can't make it to Tapanui then you will now find them at the best farmer's market in the country in Dunedin and Vaughn is also planning on doing weekly trips out to Balclutha and Lawrence to sell his tasty treats. Oh and you can now buy online from their website as well!

The Garden Gate

Sue and Mike have created a truly bucolic and verdant foodie paradise at their 'Garden Gate' Honesty stall. It’s all organic with no sprays or chemicals used. Seasonal delights include soft fruit and all sorts of berries plus a veritable treasure trove of veggies. You can also buy a range of homemade jams, chutneys and pickles along with herbs and other plants, cut flowers and free range eggs from their mate down the road.

Blue Spur Butchery

Jan comes from a family of butchers. Her sausages and burgers which are adapted from her Gran’s meatloaf recipe are household favourites in Clutha. You will also find some local proper milk for sale as well.

Lawrence Mint

Who doesn’t like chocolate? If you want to spoil yourself or others then pop in to this haven of indulgence. Alisa makes all the chocolates, cakes, tarts and of course her famous Rocky Road. She also provides bespoke picnic hampers which you can order in advance. The nearby lovely Bellview Wetlands open at the weekend providing a perfect picnic spot.

Smoked Eggs and Liquid Smoke

Never heard of smoked eggs ... well you are missing out. Lawrence local Neville sells them across the country and his liquid Manuka smoke is a secret stalwart in many celebrity chefs’ special sauces like Al Brown and Simon Gault. You will find Neville most days in his caravan on Lawrence High St selling bacon and smoked egg butties but you can buy the eggs and liquid smoke as well. They are also available online. He’s been going for more than 8 years and could move to the city but loves Lawrence too much ... top man!

Wild Walnut Condiments/Preservatives

Since 1997 Jim and Sue have been taking classic favourites and giving them a modern twist. They do a range of sauces, syrups, Jams & Jellies, chutneys and relishes, conserves and marmalade. All made in their restaurant in Lawrence, you can buy them online, at their restaurant (32 Ross Place) or at Unique Living (11 Ross Place) which is open 10-4 but closed on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Keroe Country Garden Orchard

This wonderful old fashioned market garden and orchard is a labour of love for Barbara and Steve Kerr who spent 10 years changing a forlorn and forgotten paddock in to a little piece of foodie paradise. You can buy veggies and herb plants from November to December. They re-open in January with a glut of heritage plums, pears and apples and also sell tomatoes and potatoes straight from the gate until May.

  • South end of Lawrence (opp. Lions Club Park)
  • 03 485 9989

McKnight's Honey


Take a stroll down one of the side streets in lovely Lawrence and you will find ridiculously reasonably priced pots of the good stuff!

So grab some of Bill McKnight's yummy honey from a honesty stall. It's right by his back door so don't make a racket and no you can't have a game of darts (it's not as cryptic as it sounds Bill's got a board in the car port).

  • 44, Irvine Street, Lawrence

Elderflower Cordial

We have an abundance of that fragrantly floral elderflower in these here parts and Jo and her husband Ben have decided to make sure it doesn’t go to waste. They harvest the flowers in late October with the cordial ready to go in November. They only produce 1000 bottles a season and when it’s gone it’s gone with everything normally sold by the start of April. You might ask “what’s the Canadian flag about” ...well they wanted to make sure passers-by noticed the stall and that was the only flag they had.

Suzies Butchery

Suzie’s Butchery is an institution in these parts. She makes everything herself with a helping hand from her brother down the road. She’s rightly famous for her sausages but her black and white pudding is a real treat and she sells harder to get things like hogget and tripe. You will also find local honey, local free range eggs and some local milk. Well worth a stop .... well it would rude not to.

Dean's Pantry

Jam and Jellies, sauces and preserves ... Pam uses traditional family recipes to bring you a true taste of Clutha. Using only local veggies and fruit this is home cooking at its best. She started out at Milton’s Farmer’s Market but now has her very own shop near Lake Waihola.

Waihola Fish Supply

Fantastic fresh fish from the boats at nearby Taieri Mouth. Judy set up this wonderful wee shop 15 years ago to make sure locals could get local fish, well they have their own quota. They of course sell that southern stalwart blue cod but lots of other goodies as well. The ladies also do a rather fine fresh fish and chips which you can eat looking out at New Zealand’s most inland tidal lake.

Milburn Honey

It might be right on the main road but this hidden gem is the place to get wonderful local honey from an honesty stall. Look out for “OPEN” sign and just drive on in and leave your money in the box but please remember to respect Allen and Maria’s privacy as the steel shed shop is just behind their home. They’ve been making honey since the 1970’s. It is a sweet deal.

  • 521 Waihold Highway SH1, 7km's from Milton
  • 03 417 7198

Windy Ridge Milk

It’s milk just like you used to get in the good old days, “bottled, pasteurised and full cream” fresh from Windy Ridge Farm in Benhar near Balclutha. Andrew Moir and his two sons started milking back in 2014 and have never looked back. This dairy delight is available at Blue Spur Butchery in Lawrence, Suzie’s Butchery in Milton and the Four Square supermarket in Balclutha and Owaka.

Clutha Paddock Produce

Sensational salad leaves fresh from the paddock. Moira comes from a family of keen market gardeners and convinced her hubby to plough one of the fields on their sheep farm so she could let her green fingers work their magic. You can put a post on facebook and get mixed salad bags delivered to your door in the Balclutha area on a Wednesday morning or pop down to the Elizabeth Street Plaza on Thursday afternoons (2.30-5.30) in the summer where you also find the finest Central cherries.

Nancy's Fruit Stall

Nancy is in her 80's but still has such a passion for fresh fruit and veggies. Having been a market gardener in Clutha for more than 40 years she really knows her stuff. Peaches, apricots, cherries and berries, along with tomatoes, nuts, and spuds. She sells them from her garage on SHl but is only there during the summer so catch her while you can! Just look out for the big green open sign on the road. Oh and yes she does take Eftpos.

Balclutha Community Garden

What started as just a nice idea has come to life quite literally thanks to a bit of old fashioned hard work and that all important community spirit. In less than a year a few raised beds became many with all sorts of veggies, herbs and fruit. Local businesses, farms and charities have all helped make it a reality. The nearby schools are also involved. 17 locals toil away to give us this goodness and you are welcome to pick your own when they are there or on Saturday mornings from 10am-12pm and Wednesday nights from 5-6pm. Just look out for the big yellow “Open” sign and all you have to do is make a donation. Sometimes life is as simple and sweet as that!

Agreeable Nature Eggs

"Our hens are free to roam as far as they like”. Their slogan sums it up. The finest fresh free range organic eggs which is why they have been voted the best farmer’s market eggs in New Zealand. Now that is quite an accolade! You can get them at Suzie’s in Milton, Balclutha Four Square and the Clinton shop.

Stirling Cheese

Some might call it mouldy milk others would say it is the food of the gods! Ah ... cheese please. They have been making magic here since 1982 with 3 year plus vintage cheddar and seasonal specials like cumin or garlic among the delights on offer. 1kg to 5kg chunks of cheese you won’t get better quality for the price anywhere in New Zealand.

  • Turn right going north over Balclutha Bridge to Kaitangata (signposted at Stirling)
  • 03 419 0119
  • Mon - Thurs 9.30am-4.30pm, Fri 9am- 3pm

Kowhai Bush Farms

The family have been growing sensational spuds on the wee island known as Inch Clutha since way back in 1852. There are 6 varieties available straight from the packing house with the marvellous “agria” being the firm favourite.

  • Past Stirling on road from Balclutha to Kaitangata, take left turn onto Storer Rd and it is the first building on the right
  • 03 418 3450
  • Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Catlins Brewery

Since 2014 Norm has been crafting beautiful beer in his garage and bottling it by hand. He’s a passionate chap who makes a core range and seasonal specials offering a true taste of the South. To use his words “we use all New Zealand ingredients to produce a damned fine drop of beer n cider”. You can buy his beers from the Kaka Point Pub, Papatowai store and Liquorland in Balclutha. You can also arrange a visit to the brewery.

Kaka Point Honey Co

Celestial nectar, liquid gold. Honey is one of the very first foods our ancestors ever ate and is still called the “elixir of life”. Louise is a young mum and beekeeper living in Kaka Point who makes Clover, Kamahi and Comb Honey along with Bee Balm and Beeswax. You can pick up her honey at the honesty box opposite the surf club, as she says “everything is locally made by the bees & me”.

Crazy N Nuts

You know they are nuts about nuts when even their eco-friendly, solar powered home is called Hazelnut House. Roy and Jan Johnstone have a 600 tree orchard and pick and crack the nuts themselves so the magnificent kernels are ready to eat. They also as a hobby have freshwater cray fish ponds and you are more than welcome to arrange a visit and find out more about what they are up to and of course buy some nuts.

Hens of Houipapa

The best free range eggs in the Catlins and maybe all of Clutha. The Sinclair family farm is just outside Owaka and you will find these little beauties in the honesty stall on the Papatowai Highway next to the concrete egg sculpture. They are also available on the main road in Owaka. Nature at its best!

J & D Fishing (mobile)

A roving van selling fish across Clutha now why hasn’t someone thought of doing that. Well they have thank goodness! Jo & Danny fish out of Taieri Mouth and in true entrepreneurial style saw a gap in the market. Find out where they are each day on facebook. Taieri Mouth, Milton, Balclutha, Lawrence, Tapanui and Owaka and Clinton in the summer. Fantastic fresh fish coming quite literally to a town near you soon!

The Occasional Baker

Ah beautiful bread....freshly baked goodness! It's as old as time itself but makes your belly purr and heart sing! Blair also lovingly creates perfect pastries, sumptuous scrolls & scones and baked cheesecake which would make even a New Yorker envious.

All handcrafted from scratch with often 12 different delights on offer from his roadside stall but you've got to be quick as it really is first come, first served. 

Is there a catch? It is at the moment "Occasional" if you see a blackboard on the southside of the bridge then you are in luck! Blair bakes on Sundays when he can and it's sold from 10-2. The good news...plans are afoot to make it more regular so watch this space.

  • Riverside Road, Taieri Mouth
  • Just look for the blackboard and if it's there you are in luck! (Sundays 10-2 occasionally)