Discover the untamed beauty of the Catlins River with two exhilarating tramps through its rugged and picturesque landscape. Combine the Catlins River and Wisp Loop Walk for a challenging 24 kilometre, two-day trek - or enjoy them separately. 

Tackle the 5-6 hour Catlins River walk in either direction following the river between The Wisp and the DOC (Department of Conservation) campsite at Tawanui. Soak up the stunning views of the river and surrounding wilderness, traverse four wire-rope suspension bridges, and experience the river’s many waterfalls and rapids. 

The Wisp Loop track presents a higher-altitude adventure with breathtaking views from the Rocky Knoll lookout. Experience the thrill of exploring The Catlins on foot or try the return section of the Wisp Loop track on mountain bike. Learn all the ins and outs here. Your adventure awaits!

Distance Two x 12km routes
Time One long, or two shorter days
Difficulty Advanced: Tramping track (DOC)
Dog Access    No Dogs

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