Nugget Point Lighthouse provides a stunning panoramic view out to sea, overlooking 'the nuggets' - golden shaped rocks below. These famous rocks were named by Captain Cook because they looked like nuggets of gold.

The viewing platform located beside the Nugget Point Lighthouse, one of New Zealand's oldest, is one of New Zealand’s most famous lookouts - it is a photographer's dream.

The walking track out to Nugget Point is an easy, accessible walk to suit the whole family.

Distance 1.8 km return
Time 10 - 20 mins return
Difficulty Easiest: Easy access short walk (DOC)
Dog Access    No Dogs

The area is rich in wildlife where you can often spot seals, several seabired including Royal spoonbills, with yellow-eyed penguins | hoiho and sea lions next door at Roaring Bay

The lovely seaside village of Kaka Point is just down the road.

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Nugget Point Lighthouse History

The light began operating in July 1870, with the last keeper withdrawn in 1989 after becoming automated. 

In May 2020, the lighthouse became solarized, no long relying on mains power.

Nugget Point Lighthouse Features

The lighthouse is a 9 metre tall stone tower, with a range of 14 nautical miles. The light flashes once every 12 seconds.

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Note: There is no public access to enter the lighthouse