Lake Tuakitoto is a large, lowland, freshwater wetland and swampland.

This lake is home to an outstanding variety of birdlife and plant species. With over 50 species recorded, which include: mallard, NZ shoveler duck (kurukuruwheku), grey teal (tete), black swan (kakianau), South Island fernbird (mata), marsh and spotless crakes, paradise shelducks (putakitaki), white and white-faced herons and more.

Lake Tuakitoto covers around 500 hectares and is 2 metres above sea level. Described as a 'humic lake' it is the only one of its kind on the South Island's east coast.

There is a 15 km walking and cycling track which takes you around the waters edge of Lake Tuakitoto. 

Access is off Lakeside Road, you may need to open a gate to the car park and information panels. Coordinates to the car park: -46.2276893,169.8295748

Note: some areas of the trail are overgrown. Take care during duck shooting season (May-July), as there are many maimais (for duck shooters) on the waters edge.

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