Welcome to one of the country’s finest eco-destinations - The Catlins.

To experience somewhere remarkable and off the beaten path, The Catlins is a true highlight of the Southern Scenic Route.

The 100-kilometre stretch of coastline straddles the boundary between the Otago and Southland regions, and is home to lush rainforest, golden beaches, and diverse wildlife

You don't have to travel far to immerse yourself in dense virgin rainforest, abundant with native rākau (trees), triple-tiered waterfalls, and the soundtrack of the sweet song of the tūī and korimako bird. 

From the forest to the sea, the coastline boasts epic cliffs and famous sea caves, all part of the rugged splendour. Watching the world’s rarest penguins and dolphins playing in the surf, or witnessing fur seals and endangered sea lions lounge in their natural habitat, complete the stunning and serene experience.

Click here to view and download The Catlins Map and Care Code

Toitū te whenua – leave the land undisturbed. 

The Catlins is a pristine paradise and its local community appreciate that every visitor respects the area - let the Catlins captivate you.

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