Welcome to The Catlins, New Zealand

One of New Zealand’s finest eco-destinations swathed in lush rainforest, beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and wildlife.

The Catlins is a true highlight of the Southern Scenic Route which passes between both Otago and Southland regions.

Some of The World’s rarest penguins and dolphins can be seen in The Catlin's surf, alongside the seals and sea lions.

Forests full of native trees with the sweet songs of the Tui and bellbird providing the only soundtrack in a stunning and serene setting framed by coastal cliffs.

The rainforest spills down to the sea, alongside coastal cliffs with sea caves and triple tiered waterfalls are all part of the rugged splendour – it is somewhere special, off the beaten track.

The Catlins is a pristine paradise! We would love to keep it that way! Tatu te Whenua – please leave the land undisturbed.

The community really care about its environment, here is the Catlins Care Code and if you want to learn more about The Catlins, visit http://catlins.org.nz/