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If you are the sort who wants to venture to those harder to get to hidden gems then this will be right up your (v)alley.

The almost lost and forgotten village of Waipori falls is nestled at the end of a gorgeous rainforest clad gorge.

A few hardy souls still call this home as the temperatures plummet in the winter.

The drive up from the Sinclair Wetlands/Berwick is all part of the experience. It is a windy gravel road so just take it nice and slow as you follow the flow of the Waipori river.

From the north head down through the Waipori forest from the lost lake Mahinerangi which is a great fishing spot and a wonderful back country way to get to Lawrence.  

The highlight is perhaps Waipori Falls also known as Crystal Falls (signposted next to the Hydro Powerstation).

There is a narrow walkway to the viewing platform although climb down to the clearing by the water's edge for a better look!

The falls snake gracefully from quite a dizzy height through the rocky slopes like a crystal ribbon (maybe that's how they got their name).

Depending on which way you came then it is down to the wondrous wetlands or up to the lost lake(it is actually a reservoir).