Our Wonderful World of Waterfalls

Did someone say waterfalls? Well you are in the right place with splendid sites which are some of the only waterfalls down south that aren’t in or close to the Alps. These are all just a short distance from the ocean!

This can be done in a day or combined with other itineraries to cover a couple of days or more.

Barr Falls are probably the smallest of the sensational six and are signposted just south of Ōwaka. It’s an easy rainforest walk to these vertiginous cliff faces with falls down either side and a smaller one downstream.

16 km, 18 min drive

Perhaps the most famous is Pūrākaunui Falls with its tripled tiered cascade. It is a short stroll from the car park and offers the rare treat of a central viewing platform really close to the falls. Mesmerising and magical!

8.4 km, 11 min drive

A short drive takes you to the double delight of Matai and Horseshoe Falls which each have their own character and like all these spots the beautiful bush walk is part of the charm.

23 km, 34 min drive

McLean Falls are the highest of the lot and the longest walk but still only 20 minutes each way and definitely worth it. Mighty and majestic the word “awesome” actually does apply for a change.

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