Clutha Culture

We do things differently down here and that’s a big part of Clutha’s charm with more space and that wonderful slower pace. This itinerary could be done in one day or just chill and take a little longer.

Tuapeka Mouth Punt – just north of Balclutha or south of Lawrence is this fabulous free ferry which crosses New Zealand’s most powerful river... the mighty Clutha River. You can even take your campervan across. The punt is open between 10am and 2pm and there are no gimmicks it uses the flow of the water to cross the river.

Owaka Museum – this 3D story book tells tales of the passionate people who have made the Catlins their home. From the Maori moa hunters who lived by the free food larder that was and still is the Catlins coast which is why there is so much wildlife on and off shore. Through to the settlers and their shipwrecks, onto the rainforest railway line which was built to ferry timber through to the eco haven it is today. It is a wonderful storytelling museum which connects the Catlins past and present.

Earthlore Wildlife Gardens - This quirky little oasis right next to Owaka shows what green should mean using ingenious interactive attractions at this splendid sanctuary. It is Catlins Conservation as it should be festooned with fun and frolics.

The Lost Gypsy at Papatowai – an institution in these parts this veritable treasure trove of imagination and invention has been brought to life using recycled bits and bobs by our very own organic mechanic. Magic, movement, mayhem, mirth and merriment await.

If this itinerary doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, then check out our Activity Trail or you could peruse and ponder our Hidden Tracks and Trails and live like a local!

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