While there are many things to see and do in Clutha, here are 5 unique experiences that you will only find in Clutha. Note: some experiences are seasonal.

1. Milburn Whale and Dolphin Fossils Lookout

Check out these 30 million year old whale and dolphin fossils which look out over Lake Waihola. These prehistoric fossils were unearthed during work to quarry limestone locally. Enjoy the views looking out over rolling farmland, Lake Waihola and Sinclair Wetlands.

2. The Punt at Tuapeka Mouth 

This free ferry is the only one its kind in New Zealand, and operates by the strong flow of the Clutha River. The punt runs daily between 10am - 2pm, however it is dependent on the river levels. Check out their Facebook page for daily updates.

3. Cathedral Caves (seasonal, open between late October and May)

Situated in The Catlins, these are large 30-metre-high sea cave complexes created from impressive waves carving out the two caves over time. Plan ahead as access is only available at low tide. Visit www.cathedralcaves.co.nz for opening times.

4. The Lost Gypsy (Seasonal)

The Lost Gypsy is an automata gallery and theatre experience created by the New Zealand artist Blair Somerville. Think - winding handles, pushing buttons and all sorts to tickle your brain and pop a smile on your face. Last day of season Tuesday 26 April.

5. Gabriels Gully, Lawrence

Visit the site where New Zealand's first major gold rush took place - Gabriels Gully, aptly named after Gabriel Read, who first discovered gold.

The gully may appear unremarkable at first glance, however you can look at the transformation of the mining that took place here, and follow the interpretation walking trail where miners literally moved mountains. 

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