If you love fishing or you are looking to get off the grid, you will enjoy Lake Mahinerangi. This remote reservoir is stocked with perch and brown trout making it a favourite fishing spot for keen fishermen.

This 'lost lake' came about due to a dam on the Waipori River used to generate hydro electricity. The lake is 12km's in length, and sits over 600 metres above sea level.

Waipori district was once a thriving goldmining area. Today, it lies beneath the waters of Lake Mahinerangi. When the lake is low, the tops of dead trees which once surrounded the township is the only evidence that the township existed, as well as the cemetery on the hill, which is still used for burials by local people.

Further down Lake Mahinerangi you will find a small village of holiday homes, and fishing huts which you can hire.

To get to the lake, take the back roads from the town of Lawrence or head up from Waipori Falls. The lake is surrounded by forestry, farmland and tussock grasslands.