Whether you are a professional photographer, or are looking for Instagram-worthy spots, the Clutha District provides breathtaking and diverse landscapes, unique wildlife, rugged coastlines, and not to mention the chance to see the aurora australis – also known as the southern lights.

Nugget Point Lighthouse is the most photographed icons of The Catlins. Don't miss the panoramic views, especially at sunrise.

Purakaunui Falls is by far the photographed waterfall in the Otago Region, if not New Zealand. 

Surat Bay is a great spot at any time of day with sea lions, acting as the perfect model. It is particularly beautiful at sunset, toward the southern end of the bay.

McLean Falls is the highest waterfall in The Catlins, and some would say the most impressive. 

Florence Hill Lookout is the perfect pull off bay to capture Tautuku Bay, where the forest meets the sea.

Lake Wilkie provides mirror-like reflections, on a still day. A short, easy walk leaves you plenty of time to capture this small peat lake.

You can understand why there are a number of photography workshops that are held in The Catlins.