Waihola & Taieri Mouth

Taieri Mouth

Nestled on the coastline is the seaside fishing village of Taieri Mouth. A perfect place to experience the beauty of the southern coastline, Taieri Mouth is a great spot for swimming and surfing and adjacent to the beach is Livingstonia Park, a peaceful spot for a family picnic.  Taieri Mouth offers access to walking tracks such as John Bull Gully and Taieri River Tracks. 

The annual Coastal Classic mountain bike and run/walk, usually held in early November, is a highlight on Taieri Mouth’s event calendar. More information about this event can be found online at www.coastalclassic.org.nz.


Waihola is set on the edge of Lake Waihola, New Zealand’s furthermost inland tidal lake, famous for its reflections and black swans. The lake is surrounded by both the Sinclair and Waipori Wetlands, which can be enjoyed by visitors. With wonderful picnicking areas on the lakefront, along with barbeque facilities and rest rooms, Waihola makes a great stopping spot.

Venture a little further afield and take a trip into the area’s historical past, with attractive river and down-land views to boot. Head to Waipori Falls, a small village, nestled in native bush. Further upstream, the man-made Lake Mahinerangi is another excellent recreational facility.


If you want more info on where to go and what to do then visit this community run website http://www.milton-district.co.nz/