Milton, ‘the town of opportunities’, offers diverse shopping experiences, including many second-hand boutiques.  A few minutes to the east and you’ll find yourself stretching your legs along beautiful and unspoiled beaches such as Bull Creek, Chrystalls Beach and Toko Mouth.

Visit the whale and dolphin fossils at the lookout near Milburn, 9km north-east of Milton. The lookout provides wonderful views of Lake Waihola, as well as a pictorial history of the lime and phosphate working in the area.

The Tokomairiro Presbyterian Church, was built in the 1880s and is still the town's most obvious landmark. It is now a Category 1 listed building with Heritage New Zealand.

The Mt Stuart Reserve, 11km from Milton on the Manuka Gorge Highway, was a popular picnic venue in the 1870s and after recent restoration is again becoming popular as a large recreational area with access to freshwater fishing grounds.

Milton has a wonderful close knit community and for more information on the town and its variety of attractions then go to their great community website

Travel Tip

Be sure to view the Gothic-inspired Tokomairiro Presbyterian Church on the main road through Milton. The church opened in 1889.