Lawrence is an early gold mining town, where Gabriel Read first discovered gold in what is now known as Gabriels Gully. You can absorb this rich history on the Gabriels Gully interpretative track or visit the Lawrence Chinese Camp, established during the Otago Gold Rush of the 1860s. Back in Lawrence, soak up the history through architecture from the gold mining era and sample the growing café and boutique shopping scene. Or perhaps take time out to daydream at the Bellview Wetlands on Gabriels Gully road.

Lawrence is the home of New Zealand’s national anthem, God Defend New Zealand, where local school teacher John Woods created the score to a Thomas Bracken poem in 1876. He is buried in the well- kept hilltop Lawrence Cemetery, dating back to 1864. The cemetery is notable for its elaborate Victorian ironwork, beautiful Celtic crosses and the Chinese section.

The Hart’s Black Horse Brewery ruin at Weatherstons is a picturesque reminder of Otago’s most successful provincial brewery. The brewery closed in 1923, but is still a popular destination in the spring due to the uncounted varieties of daffodils planted on 25 acres in 1895. The site has been closed to the public in recent years but with the assistance of a new Trust and the Lawrence community, it reopened again for a Spring spectacular in 2017 with plans to do the same this year. Equally unmissable, is the Clutha Gold Cycle/Walking Trail, which can be started/finished in Lawrence. The trail is easy grade, accessible year round and is 73km, which takes 2-4 days to complete.  

For more information on lovely Lawrence and what it has to offer then please go to their great community run website

Walking and Cycling Tracks

  • Gabriel’s Gully/Weatherstones Track
  • Munroe’s Gully Track
  • Interpretative Track
  • Otago Dam Track
  • Clutha Gold Cycle Trail
  • Blue Spur lookout


  • Anthem House
  • Tuapeka Goldfields Museum
  • Harts Black Horse Brewery, Weatherstones
  • The Lawrence Chinese Camp
  • Lawrence Cemetery
  • Lawrence and Waitahuna have 9-hole golf courses.

Tuapeka Punt 2