Respect Our Wildlife

Clutha’s coastal wildlife species provide fantastic viewing opportunities, but please respect their space. Fur seals and sea lions - the recommended safe viewing distance is 20m. Yellow-eyed penguins - stay well away and out of their sight. Do not approach or follow them. It is an offence to disturb or harass wildlife. Where available, use the viewing hides provided. Look for brochures that provide more information about the wildlife you may encounter.

  • Penguins are shy and easily stressed - stay out of sight
  • Sea lions and seals need space - stay at least 20 metres away
  • Protect nature - do not remove plants, animals or fossils
  • Control dogs - they can kill penguins and threaten seals

Best viewing sites: The Nuggets, Roaring Bay, Long Point, Surat and Curio Bays, Waipapa Point

Seals at Surat Bay 01