Clutha Travel Safety Tips

• Please ensure you have enough fuel in your vehicle as distances between fuel stops can be large.

• Dress for the weather and be prepared for it to change.

• Carry and apply insect repellent particularly in the Hauroko and Borland areas.

• Keep at least 20 metres away from wildlife.

• Even the easiest walks need safety sense - be prepared!

• Stay on the track and remain behind any barriers.

• Check tide times before you start.

• Enjoy your journey and please travel safely.

Cellular Coverage

There is very limited cell phone coverage in some parts of the Clutha region such as The Catlins. Balclutha and Lawrence towns offer free Wi-Fi in their main CBD areas. Most cafes offer free Wi-Fi too.


Clutha climate has it all.

No topic of conversation is more general than the weather.  

Not unlike the rest of New Zealand, four seasons in one day are possible and highly likely. The best way to determine on a daily basis what the weather will be like is to ask a local and prepare for anything.

However, as a general rule, in winter it is cold but temperate, and in summer it is warm.  The only people wearing shorts in the winter are on Saturdays on the sports fields.

Mean annual rainfall 678mm
Mean daily maximum temperature (summer) 19.6 degree
Mean daily maximum temperature (winter) 10.0 degrees
Mean sunshine hours 1631
Mean days with snow lying 1.6

Clutha tends to have a reasonably maritime climate sitting at  45°S in the oceanic southern hemisphere. It does rain, and it is enough to fill the Clutha River, which surges through Otago feeding the grassy valleys.

The Clutha coast is made up of long white sandy beaches and coastal landscapes. The environment is unspoiled; there is clean air and room to breathe it.

The rolling green farmland, quiet beaches, spectacular coastlines, abundant bird and wildlife, and untouched native forests, present a rich diversity in stark contrast to the barren and rocky environment of nearby neighbour Central Otago with its continental climate. 

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