Cathedral Caves

Posted on 30 October 2017


Cathedral Caves 

Access is checked daily and  may be closed at short notice due to weather or sea conditions. Information Centres at Balclutha, Owaka and Waikawa , or the website will usually have the latest information however due to the remote location the  most up to date information will be  on the notice boards at the Southern Scenic Route entrance to the Caves Car Park.

Please use the tide times on the Cathedral Caves website for the latest up-to-date times.

Access is limited to  two hours before low tide and up to one hour after low tide. It is not available before 7.30am or after 8.30pm. Please refer to the tide timetables.

  • The walk one-way takes about 30 minutes. Do not disturb  wildlife ( sea lions, penguins) you see on the beach or in the Caves.
  • Be prepared to get your feet wet as there are often seawater pools forming in the sandy floor of the caves.
  • A torch (flashlight) will be useful for the dimly lit inner reaches. The caves are not open for visiting at night.
  • A few smaller caves are located further along the cliffs but visitors should be wary of incoming tides and getting cut off. There is no alternative track back to the car park.
  • Insect repellent  is necessary sometimes.