About Clutha NZ

Our Clutha regions spectacular scenery and wildlife is spread across a myriad of landscapes. Our rocky shores, sandy beaches, wetlands, rolling hills and the Blue Mountains, make the Clutha region a magnificent place to holiday. It’s time to head South, meet the friendly people and enjoy all we have to offer.

The Clutha region is located on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand, Clutha is home to clear, deep rivers and undisturbed beaches. Relaxed farming communities dot the countryside with New Zealand’s largest river, the Clutha River (Mata-au), weaving through the region. Clutha’s population is around 17,000 people – some of the friendliest in the country – spread over 6,363km2.

If you’re coming from the north, take in the natural and recreational splendours of Taieri Mouth, Lake Waihola and the nearby Sinclair Wetlands - a haven to rare birds with a rich cultural history. Then rest and replenish in Milton and explore the surrounding coastal settlements of Toko Mouth and Bull Creek.

Further south on the banks of the Clutha River, Kaitangata, the “Black Gold Town” is ideally situated to take advantage of boating, seasonal white baiting and angling opportunities. It has a fascinating heritage linked to its long mining history. 

Head inland and soak up the history in Lawrence, birthplace of the New Zealand Gold Rush and home today to a truly fabulous range of boutiques and eateries. Try your hand at gold panning or the Clutha Gold Trail, an easy 2-day cycling experience, which showcases early Maori and gold mining heritage.

Venture towards the Blue Mountains and into West Otago with its rich agricultural heritage, and discover a place to truly escape the rat race, while taking advantage of the fabulous hunting, fishing and other outdoor opportunities.

Travel via Clinton, the five horse town, to Balclutha which is the heart of the Clutha region.  Balclutha’s impressive arch bridge crosses the mighty Clutha River and the town itself offers a variety of eateries, shopping and services. 

Through Balclutha and towards the coast, the Clutha region enjoys one of the best and most unspoiled natural wonderlands in New Zealand, The Catlins. See spectacular natural marvels such as Nugget Point, Purakaunui Falls and a petrified forest, and encounter wildlife such as sea lions and the rare yellow-eyed penguin. Don’t miss the charming coastal town of Kaka Point with its attractive swimming and surfing beaches, and the rural town of Owaka, which is a good base to explore more of The Catlins. Head down to Papatowai for dramatic native bush and seaside scenery.

From the moment you enter to when you leave, Clutha has something truly remarkable to offer. Leave the rest of the world behind, come and experience the welcome and wonders of the CluthaNZ. #cluthaNZ


The Clutha region is situated on the South East coast of New Zealand’s South Island, dotted with farmland and rural towns. 

Travel distances throughout CluthaNZ (Kilometers)

 BalcluthaClintonMiltonWaiholaLawrenceBeaumontThe Catlins/OwakaKaitangataTapanui
Balclutha - 31 25 42 56 63 32 12 62
Clinton 31 - 56 73 87 94 49 43 30
Milton 25 56 - 18 37 56 57 37 87
Waihola 42 73 18 - 55 74 75 55 105
Lawrence 56 87 37 55 - 19 88 68 58
Beaumont 63 94 56 74 19 - 95 75 39
Owaka/The Catlins 32 49 57 75 88 95 - 44 79
Kaitangata 12 43 37 55 68 75 44 - 74
Tapanui 62 30 87 105 58 39 79 74 -


Living in Clutha is an excellent lifestyle choice.  Fresh air, friendly neighbours, a growing economy and a relaxed lifestyle make it a great place to raise a family. While its grass roots "real New Zealand" feel makes it a choice alternative to the busier, bigger centres.  Clutha is primarily supported by successful agricultural opportunities with many types of farming and forestry dominating the area’s economy. This rural way of life adds to the attraction of the area.  The tourism trade is growing markedly, attracting the visitor that likes an untouched paradise and prefers to explore beyond the beaten track.