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Jared is Catlins born and bred. He lives in the picturesque, seaside village of Kaka Point.

“I grew up here, I went to Port Molyneux School just around the corner from my parents' house.  It was a great place to do alphabet in the sand and explore the rock pools. I can literally throw a tennis ball from my front door and it’ll land on the beach.  It’s a great little spot.  I also do a lot of surfing so, it’s always a good place for that.”

He says the district has a lot to offer in terms of places for people to find themselves and not find other people. 

“You’ve got lots of little private beaches where it’s just you, the ocean and the seagulls.  It’s a nice spot, there’s lots of privacy to be had.”

He’s come and gone from the area but has always returned. Jared now has his own family, a son, six and daughter who is 4.

“It’s a great place to bring up children - exploring the rock pools, playing on the beach, awesome bush walks.”

These days he’s the proud owner of Catlins Kayak and Adventure, just down the road from his home.

Jared shows his customers a coastline rich in wildlife and history. They take in the famous nugget shaped rocks, see diverse and dramatic scenery and experience unique wildlife from albatross (including the Royal) to the world’s rarest sea lion and smallest penguin. Visitors encounter the Catlins’ largest fur seal colony, sometimes even an elephant seal, dolphins and yellow-eyed penguins.

"It’s an unforgettable experience. It’s just part of what makes this district so special."