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Tuesday October 29, 2019

Barr Falls

Barr Falls — Image by: Clutha Development

Barr Falls are seen to be the smallest of the six waterfalls through the northern Catlins. They are signposted just south of the township of Owaka. It is an easy walk through rainforest to these steep cliff faces with falls down either side, and a smaller one downstream.

Purakaunui Falls

Purakaunui Falls — Image by: Clutha Development

Further south, perhaps the most renowned waterfall in The Catlins is Purakaunui Falls with its tripled tiered cascade. It is a short stroll from the car park and offers the rare treat of a central viewing platform. You can see why it is one of the World's most photographed waterfalls and has even appeared on a postage stamp!

Matai and Horseshoe Falls Rail Trail

Matai and Horseshoe Falls — Image by: Clutha Development

A short drive takes you to the double delight of Matai and Horseshoe Falls Rail Trail which each have their own character. The walk to the falls will take up to 2 hours return. Opened in 1915, follow the old railway trail through The Catlins. For the best lighting, we recommend that you visit these falls around midday.

McLean Falls

McLean Falls — Image by: Clutha Development

Located south of Papatowai, and after a short stop at Florence Hill Lookout, you will find McLean Falls - the highest, and perhaps the most spectacular within the Southern region made up from two waterfalls, an upper and lower. The walk is 20 minutes each way and follows the Tautuku River. 

Make sure you visit the nearby Cathedral Caves, one of the World’s largest sea cave complexes.

To experience all that the Catlins has to offer, we recommend spending 2-3 days in this beautiful southern region. Take the Southern Scenic Route between Balclutha and Invercargill.

Check out our Clutha Activity Trail or live like a local, and look at our Hidden Tracks and Trails.

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