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Blue Mountain Nurseries are a wholesale and retail nursery based in Tapanui, West Otago New Zealand. With a passion for plants since 1932, the nursery produces over 7,000 varieties of plants and specializes in the propagation and growing on of hardy trees and shrubs, rhododendrons, azaleas, conifers, climbers, natives, perennials and pleione orchids. Our plants sell to nurseries, parks, landscapers, garden centres and gardeners throughout New Zealand.

We currently seeking a head propagator to join our team, the purpose of this role is to supervise and work on the propagation of plants in order to meet the annual production plan targets for the Nursery.

The responsibilities involve:

1. To maintain the efficient and effective running of the nursery’s propagation department by:

  • Sourcing, identifying, recording and collecting plant material and seeds for propagation as outlined in the production plan for the nursery.
  • Utilizing the correct propagation methods for each plant group including but not limited to azaleas, natives, climbers, perennials, conifers, rhododendrons, edibles, shrubs, grasses, trees and Pleione orchids.
  • Recording and maintaining data for each crop or batch, including labelling.
  • Propagating plants via standard techniques including but not limited to; cuttings, dividing, grafting, and tissue culture (from labs).
  • Monitoring care of propagated plants, their growing environment through watering, weeding, fertilizing, heating, covering in cold weather, pruning and potting on etc.
  • Inspecting and maintaining growing area to ascertain temperature and humidity conditions, and regulate propagation systems including heaters, fans, and misters to ensure propagation and growing are fit for purpose.
  • Undertaking pest, disease and mortality checks in a timely manner and agreed actions taken where required.
  • Ensuring staffing of the propagation area meets production needs.
  • Carrying out quality control at each step of the production process

2. To contribute to the production plans for the nurseries growing schedules and targets, resources and labour requirements
3. To operate within budget.
4. To instruct staff on the propagation, care and maintenance of propagation stock
5. To negotiate with team members from other departments to ensure allocation of resources will meet production plans
6. Keep propagation areas and surrounds hygienic and in a suitable condition for propagation.
7. Ensure all propagation supplies meet production targets including seed, cuttings, mixes for trays and pots, fungicides, hormones and growing on space.
8. Liaise with other supervisors about work requirements, to help them when needed and to facilitate the smooth running of the nursery as a whole.
9. Keep production details as required by the production and inventory control system.
10. Report on equipment requirements and faults.
11. Attend weekly management meetings and contribute ideas on increasing nursery efficiency, plant quality and customer satisfaction.

For more information about this role or to apply please contact Chris Hughes 0274 332 096 or email:

  • Classifications: Agricultural, Forestry & Fishing, Retail Trade, Wholesale Trade
  • Company: Blue Mountain Nurseries
  • Work Type:
  • Sector: Private
  • Town: West Otago
  • Region: Otago
  • Country: New Zealand