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We are all about making things happen:

Promoting growth by making sure both urban and rural land is available for potential investment opportunities. 


  • Make sure the best possible technology services are available in the Clutha District - RBI Broadband Initiative
  • Maximise the potential of our natural resources
  • Support our towns and make sure there is the social infrastructure to encourage growth economically and culturally
  • Help develop tourism activities and enterprises that will attract people to the district.
  • Grow a pool of talented people that will lead the district.
  • Encourage community leadership.

Examples of maximising growth opportunities:

To ensure Clutha is a great place to live and work, we need a diverse and vibrant workforce and focus on the following key areas:

  • Creating the right environment to attract and retain skilled and talented people in Clutha. 
  • Strengthening mutually beneficial relationships between the business and 
    education sectors. 
  • Ensuring our businesses understand the impacts and opportunities of an ageing workforce.
  • The population of Clutha is approximately 17,000 with many working in a number of key industry and employment sectors – primary, manufacturing, retail trade and services, and social services.

These sectors are likely to be responsible for the majority of Clutha’s wealth, investment and employment growth going forward.
Clutha draws on a wide pool of talented people and sectors like the primary industries and the health services sectors are attracting a growing international workforce.

Our central location also makes commuting from other centres or rural locations a viable option.

Our towns like Balclutha, Milton and Tapanui are thriving with lots going on and plenty of opportunities, which you could be part of!