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Wednesday November 7, 2018

25 acres covered in a blooming blanket of yellow with delightful daffies tumbling down hillsides with wonderful woodland walks, a waterfall (Fairy falls) and the red brick remains of the old brewery.

The charms of this historic site are proving popular once more with visitor numbers up 20% on the previous year (it reopened in 2017).

Well over a thousand people celebrated the Spring showcase and it is only open at weekends for a month of the year (and the decidedly iffy weather at the start of October didn't help).

Nearly all the visitors who flocked to the flowers weren't from Lawrence or the surrounding area which amply illustrates their wider appeal.

Back in the Victorian era special trains were put on to take hordes of Dunedinites to Weatherstons to enjoy the fields festooned with  flowers.

Up until 2013 the "Daffodil Dayze" festival took place every Spring with food, fun and frolics to celebrate the treasure trove that is Weatherstons and there are mutterings that it might make a comeback.

The Trust which maintains the site, waxed lyrical about the value of the volunteers without whom Weatherstons would still be an overgrown mess.

Lawrence is famous for its rich Victorian history and architectural gems, a legacy of being the original Otago gold town which witnessed one of the largest and fastest gold rushes ever.

The Spring also heralds Lawrence's Heritage Day when lots of the town's treasures are opened to the public. Places like Anthem House where the music was composed for the National Anthem (well the name was a hint). This year's event was particularly special as the Lawrence Heritage Trust finally got to celebrate the success of a 15 year long campaign to become the new owners of the old courthouse on Colonsay street. The Trust says the 1876 Category One listed building is of national importance and part of the incredible history which abounds in Lawrence!

Watch out Arrowtown, here comes Lawrence!  

Oh and locals also turned out in force to mark the official opening of the old swimming pool structure as a distinctive new venue (weddings and other events are welcome). It is known as the "ribs" round town because yes it looks a bit like a rib cage. It will be lit up at night so watch this space (pardon the pun).


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