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Friday November 2, 2018

Kaka Point (known locally as simply KP) is named after the south island parrot and is a charming seaside village with sweeping sandy beaches. It is also one the Catlins top surfing spots.

You can see in the distance the spectacular spur with the famous rock formations that spill out into the huge horizon which is known as Nugget Point(just click) . 

It is a truly amazing place where the massive skies meet the seemingly endless ocean and you really can't experience its mesmerising magic unless you wander out to the old lighthouse perched at the end of this panoramic natural platform. Don't worry it only takes about 10 minutes.

Now we teased you about wonderful wildlife and this iconic headland definitely delivers. It is one of the only places you can see fur seals, elephant seals and sea lions together. You also might spot the world's smallest penguins and another species which are the rarest along with the smallest dolphins on the planet. Sometimes you can even see whales.

Literally just round the corner, Roaring bay has a hidden hut where you can get close (as is possible they are very shy little lovelies) to the endangered yellow eyed penguins. "When should I go" you ask well dawn or dusk are the best times! 

Want to see it from a totally different perspective then how about kayaking round the rocks below the famous lighthouse? Local lad Jared will take you on a tour.

And the star studded skies are simply staggering with the milky way so clear it defies belief. What about the Southern Lights? Well adjectives fail but lets go for "absolutely awesome".

Oh and there is also a lovely little hidden bush walk just behind Kaka Point if you have had enough of beautiful beaches with incredible views (just joking but it does contrast wonderfully with the big blue beyond). 

With a pub, a range of places to  stay and a brewery you'd be mad to miss out... 

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